Research & development

The strongest commitment of the Group is to focus its economic and human resources on research and development in order to find innovative solutions and improve manufacturing technology.

Every year several patents for components and systems are registered on a global scale in order to maintain our leadership position in the automotive world.

LAMES engineers are distinguished by the great experience and inventiveness that is typical of our country. This allows the company to compete in a market where mergers have created large-size industrial companies.

The collaboration with the University of Engineering of Genoa, the FEM analysis combined with internal and external experts, the research of innovative materials and studies on noise (NVH) pursued by Lames allow the group to be proactive.

Lames is equipped with an excellent prototype laboratory, capable of making functional parts, molds and Marquette's in a very short time. This capability supports both the phases of R&D and the validation to the final customer.