The organization of Lames Group meets the needs of the major car manufacturers worldwide.

The evolution of the Quality System began in the late 80's and from then on it has evolved acknowledging all the new markets' demands.
In the early 90's the Quality System of Lames Group has highly contributed to the excellent reputation of the company in the European automotive industry.

The positive results obtained allowed Lames to increase its number of customers and to improve the corporate structure.
Later, following the evolution of the automotive market, certifying the company's Quality System according to the new required standards became a priority.

Lames Group was certified according to the ISO 9001 as required in Europe, then moved on to the QS 9000 certification as required by the U.S. manufacturers. Finally, since 2004, following the unification of the global car industry in the certification criteria, Lames Group has been certified according to the ISOTS 16949 certification that is subject to annual renewal.
The quality organization of Lames involves all business processes from the beginning of a new project to the end of it. Also involved are support processes or secondary processes which are the ones that do not have a direct impact on the development and implementation of a product or process.
The Quality Operating Manual and procedures are available for detailed description of the company Quality System.