In order to ensure the best results at the end of the development of new products, Lames Group has a laboratory equipped with the necessary tools to perform the tests on:

- prototypes of new products in order to establish the reliability of the project and eventually make changes before starting the production

- the final product in order to perform the qualifications according to the customer specifications, simulating the conditions during the operational life of the product; these are extreme weather conditions, dust, salt spray, slamming doors and other tests that are specifically made ​​depending on the characteristics of the product specifications

The laboratory is equipped for each field of the following activities:

Characterization of components

· Equipment for dimensional measurements with the acquisition of 3D CAD mathematical model

· Automatic tool for optical detection of component measures

· Machine for tensile tests on samples of materials or finished components

· Device for measuring the melt flow index of plastics

· Centesimal scale for weight characterization

· Roughness - Roundness

· Device for detecting of Rotor balancing

· Portable instruments for electronic and mechanical measures

Characterization of noise and vibration

· Bench for characterization of noise and vibration in an anechoic chamber-FFT and 1 / 3 Octave

· Vibrating table to simulate vibration stress to sinusoidal input

· Characterization of product performance

· Benches for characterization of electric window regulators and electronics

· Benches for manual window regulator characterization

· Bench for measuring stiffness of door module

· Benches for the characterization of gear motors

· Bench durability tests for stranded wire

· Bench for characterization of elastic stranded ropes

Qualification and Product Reliability

· Unit for durability tests of window regulators and door modules

· Unit for door slamming on the chassis of the car

· Bench for endurance testing of components, sliders glass and vibration dampers

· Temperature chambers to simulate extreme environmental conditions

· Salt spray test chambers

· Test bench for dust rain