Protecting and safeguarding the environment, as set by laws and regulations, is considered as essential in the management of the company.

In this perspective, the organization intends to develop its commitment to continuous improvement of results with the assumption of the following objectives:

· Protecting the environment by optimizing the emissions to air, water and soil

· Improve waste management with particular attention to recycling

· Making the best use of equipment, tools, processes and energy

· Ensure continued compliance with legislative requirements and applicable regulations

· Keep active and collaborative relationships with local authorities and those working in the vicinity of the plants

The company will therefore:

· Apply an Environmental Management System meeting the requirements of ISO14001/04, adapting to the evolving conditions and continually improve

· Contain and control any form of pollution

· Minimize waste production and scraps

· Study the possibility of reducing consumption due to leakage, wastage, abnormalities.

· Encourage environmental consciousness of the employees at every level by implementing personnel trainings and sharing information.

· Use the best available technologies and constantly check the reliability of machines and facilities

· Set objectives and monitoring tools, make action plans, for improving the environment involving the staff and third parties

· Prosecute continuous improvement of environmental performances based on specific and measurable objectives, set annually in the Management Review

· Distributing Environmental Policy to the significant suppliers and contractors, and give priority to those that implement their own environmental policies

Lames S.p.A. is committed to ensure that every employee shares the same values of the company in terms of Environment and its related activities put in place in the plants.

The Company also provides all managerial and financial support needed. 


General Management